outdoor tidal pounds

Woods Harbour Lobster Co. Ltd. has outdoor tidal pounds which can each hold 80,000 lbs of lobster. These tidal pounds are filled in December and are usually emptied by April. The lobsters are dumped in loosely and fed herring, mackerel and redfish. These pounds can freeze over completely during the winter months, the lobsters go dormant and this mimics their natural habitat which makes for a better lobster.  When it is time for them to come out a boat hauls a net across the bottom of the pound and they are hand packed into lobster crates.



refrigerated tank shops

Woods Harbour Lobster Co. Ltd. also has refrigerated tank shops that can hold lobsters all year round. The tank shop at Woods Harbour Lobster Co. Ltd. can hold at capacity 300,000 lbs of lobster in tubes and 50,000 of lobsters floating in crates on top of water.

refrigerated holding facilities

Woods Harbour Lobster Co. Ltd also has additional refrigerated holding facilities with a combined capacity of 600,000 lbs of lobsters. This allows us to supply our markets all year long.